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2018 4-Hour ALM &BUDGET Software Training Classes

The Budgeting classes are from 2PM to 6PM EST, Basic ALM classes are from 9AM to 1PM and Advanced ALM classes are from 2PM to 6PM. Continental breakfast and snacks are provided during the 9AM classes and snacks and refreshments are provided during the 2PM classes.  The June, July, September and October Training classes are the day(s) before Brick's Strategic Conferences for your convenience.  The May and November Training will be at Brick's East Lansing office or the East Lansing Marriott depending on the class sizes.  Our confirmation letter will specify the location of the May or November Training in East Lansing.  Four CPE credits are available per 4-hour class in most states.  Cancellations must be made at least 2 weeks prior for a full refund.  Participants will need to bring ALM and/or Budget Reports specified in the confirmation letter to Training.  No printers will be used.

Overnight room blocks have been arranged at the Marriott in East Lansing for the May, July, September and November classes.  Call the Marriott at (800)-228-9290 or (517) 337-4440 and reference the “Brick & Associates Block” for our $150/night rate plus tax.  A free Marriott shuttle to and from the Lansing Capital City Airport can be reserved.  The Lansing Airport is 15 minutes from the Marriott and the Marriott is 1.5 miles from Brick's office.  The Detroit Metro Airport is 1.2 hours from East Lansing. If needed, the Michigan Flyer Bus service is convenient to take from the Detroit Airport to the East Lansing Marriott.  The round-trip bus cost is $54/person if the ticket is purchased on-line at  Or, call the MI Flyer Bus for reservations at 517-333-0400.

Overnight room blocks have been arranged at the Bellagio in Las Vegas in June and in October at the Mohegan Sun in CT the days before our Strategic Conferences.  Refer to the Education menu for more details on all of the hotels where we are hosting our Training and Conferences.

BASIC ALM Training 9AM-1PM

  • ALM data inputs & imports into CU/ALM-ware
  • RSFs, lags, prepayments, discount rates
  • Why a 12-Month Ramp Test for Income Simulation?
  • What is NEV analysis?
  • BASIC ALM Policy Guidelines when NMS are at par 
  • Interpreting NEV results with NMS valued at par
  • Why is my NEV worse than in NEV Supervisory Test?
  • Shocked market values of assets & liabilities
  • Interpreting the Historical Key Ratios Report

Budget Training 2PM-6PM, day before ALM Training

  • Budget data inputs & imports into CU/BUDGET-ware
  • Develop and/or refine a balance sheet driven budget
  • Discuss forecasting models & budget assumptions
  • Utilizing loan, investment & member CD runoff data from ALM
  • Interpret Budget Reports


  • Using Concentration Risk Policy's Appendix A
  • What if loan rates differ from current market rates?
  • ADVANCED ALM Policy Guidelines, Internal Controls   
  • Building in a “margin of safety” in NMS assumptions 
  • Interpreting ALM Reports with NMS valuation
  • Why have NMS premiums grown & NEV improved?
  • Why is my NEV better than in NEV Supervisory Test?
  • Baseline/Contingency Funding Tests' assumptions
  • What-Ifs on new business strategies
  • Required What-Ifs and Sensitivity Analyses
  • Backtesting exercises to validate your ALM results     
CPE credits are available in most states.  


* June, July, Sept., Oct. Training days are the day(s) before Brick's Strategic Conferences at the Conference venue. 

May and November Training is at Brick's East Lansing office.

CUs smaller than $50M in assets $415/person/class
CUs $50M - $100M in assets $465/person/class
CUs larger than $100M in assets $515/person/class.


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