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Software Training

Training classes provide an understanding of the CU/ALM-ware and CU/BUDGET-ware Systems and reports.  The Budgeting classes are from 2PM to 6PM EST the day before the Basic ALM Training.  The Basic and Advanced ALM classes are from 9AM to 4PM EST when held in Michigan.  Continental breakfast is at 8:30AM before the ALM Training and lunch is provided.  The 1-Day Basic ALM and 1-Day Advanced ALM Training qualify for 6 CPE credits and the 4-Hour Budgeting class qualifies for 4 CPE credits in most states.   If CPE credit is needed, please notify our office one month prior to the class of your choice.  A confirmation letter will be sent a few weeks before training indicating whether the classes will be at Brick & Associates' office or the East Lansing Marriott.  The June (Las Vegas) and October (Connecticut) Basic & Advanced ALM Training classes will each be a 4-hour class worth 4 CPE credits.  These training sessions will be offered the day prior to the June and October Strategic Conferences.

A block of overnight rooms has been held for the evening before each training session at the East Lansing Marriott. To make a reservation contact the East Lansing Marriott at (517) 337-4440 or (800) 228-9290. Be sure to request the "Brick & Associates" room block to receive the reduced rate of $139 single/double (room rate includes unlimited internet access for multiple devices).  The Marriott provides a free shuttle to and from the Lansing Capital City Airport.  Please call the hotel for shuttle reservations.  The Lansing Capital City Airport is 15 minutes from the Marriott and the Marriott is 1.5 miles from our office.  The Marriott may be able to provide the shuttle or arrange a taxi to our office if the Training is held at our office.  The Detroit Metro Airport is 1.2 hours from East Lansing.  The Michigan Flyer Bus for $50 from Detroit Airport to the Marriott and back to the Detroit Airport is convenient and bus reservations can be made by called 517-333-0400.

BASIC CU/ALM-ware Training topics:

  • Review of ALM data input screens & questions answered 
  • RSFs, lags, prepayments, reinvestment rates & discount rates will be discussed 
  • What is Income Simulation analysis all about? 
  • What is NEV analysis all about?
  • What is the effect of valuing NMDs at par? 
  • Contingency Funding Stress Testing capabilities
  • Basic ALM/IRR Policy & IRR guidelines are reviewed 
  • Market value of assets and liabilities will be discussed 
  • Review of Historical Key Ratios data input screens & questions answered 
  • Interpret Historical Key Ratios Report and ALM Reports without NMD model activated 
  • What-If analyses are demonstrated and performed by participants

ADVANCED CU/ALM-ware Training topics:

  • Contingency Funding Stress Testing  
  • Brick's Concentration Risk Policy & Appendix A Reporting document are discussed
  • Learn about the behavioral aspects of ALM  
  • Sensitivity analyses show how sensitive your IRR is to certain assumptions 
  • Embedded options affect liquidity, IRR & earnings 
  • NMDs & why a "margin of safety" is prudent 
  • Building in a "margin of safety" in NMD assumptions
  • What assumptions affect premiums on NMDs and NEV
  • Is NMD Valuation & Advanced ALM/IRR Policy appropriate for your institution? 
  • Yield Curve Shifts in ALM analyses
  • Backtesting procedures will be discussed as a form of ALM Validation
  • Interpret ALM Reports with non-maturity deposit valuation 

CU/BUDGET-ware Training topics:

  • Review of Budget data input screens & questions answered
  • Develop and/or refine a balance sheet driven budget
  • Discuss various forecasting models available
  • Discuss assumptions that should be built into the Budget
  • Interpret Budget Reports

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