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2-Hour Live Video Board/ALCO Training

Offered Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM EST by Bridget Balesky

Contact our office at 800-332-8188 for more information and the cost for a 2-Hour live video Board/ALCO Training Session. Cost includes a day of Bridget's time writing the outline on the topic(s) chosen, B&A's review of ALM & Key Ratios Reports, and the 2-hour live video Training. Prices are subject to change without notice.



Credit unions may select 2-3 topics from the following list:

  • Introduction to the ALM & Interest Rate Risk (IRR) Management Process 
  • IRR Regulation 
  • Net Economic Value (NEV)--Unveiling the Mystery behind NEV 
  • New NCUA NEV Supervisory Test
  • Concept of Concentration Risk, B&A's Model CRP Policy, Appendix A, Supervisory Letter #10-CU-3 
  • In-Depth Understanding of your Historical Key Ratios, Peer Analysis and ALM Reports 
  • Net Worth Preservation & Restoration--The new end game 
  • Embedded options, convexity, prepayments, extension and contraction risk 
  • Reaching for Yield & Getting Risk 
  • Liquidity Management & Contingency Funding--Assessing on-balance sheet liquidity     
  • Non-Maturity Deposit (NMD) Valuation, decay analysis, & the Advanced ALM Policy

Telephone Training is cost-effective

  • No travel expenses for consultant; and 
  • No travel expenses for Board and/or Management

Training is tailored to meet the specific education needs of your institution

  • Institution-specific, detailed 8-12 page outline, handouts on topics of CU's choice; 
  • Extensive pre-training preparation done by Brick on CU's behalf; 
  • Management selects topics from the above list so training meets CU's needs; 
  • Material prepared by Brick depending on training topics selected; 
  • ALM & Key Ratios Reports may be used during the Training depending on the topics; and 
  • Brick staff reviews CU's ALM Reports prior to training so any material errors may be corrected. (If Brick staff needs to spend time working with CU to correct ALM analyses prior to writing the outline an additional charge may apply.)

Board Live Video Training is an efficient way to get your volunteers the knowledge they need

  • 2-hour live video Training session is an efficient use of volunteers' time; 
  • Participants are encouraged to raise questions during the training; and 
  • A significant amount of material is covered in 2 hours.

Board Training is recommended and sometimes required by examiners

  • Training Certificate will be sent to the CEO following the training session; and 
  • The certificate, outline, and any reports should be included in the Board Packet and shown to examiners.



Video Training Testimonials

"Bridget does a great job in making interest rate risk applicable to all levels of understanding as well as how it applies to each position of the credit union."

"During many of our group training exercises many of our participants spend significant time multi-tasking, checking emails, working on laptops, etc.  During this Board/ALCO Training session all participants were engaged, focused, and actively participating in the training.  This is attributable to Bridget and the level of preparation she brings to each training session."

"Bridget Balesky did an excellent job of integrating the concepts of ALM and interest rate risk with their practical applications to our balance sheet. The prospect of a two-hour telephone training session does not excite a credit union director. However, within minutes, they were all fully engaged and involved in the session. Many of them remarked at how quickly the session had gone for them and how much they learned. I would highly recommend this method of training to any credit union wanting to provide ALM training at any level for their directors."

"I just wanted to extend my thanks for a great training session.  The Board commented on how well the information was presented and how easy it was to understand and follow along.  I can tell you that the Board was completely engaged for the entire two hours!  Your analysis was so timely given the ALM challenges we are facing.  You've provided a fresh prospective and I fully believe it will make my job so much easier as we continue these discussions." 

"Brick & Associates' Board/ALCO Training Session helped our Board of Directors understand a very complex subject. Brick's presenter did an exceptional job breaking down a complicated topic, and presented it in an easy to understand format. This training enabled the directors to better understand management's recommendations and helped them engage in higher levels of discussions on ALM issues and decisions. Not only was this training very valuable, it also met the regulatory educational recommendations for ALM training."