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CU/BUDGET-ware Features

CU/BUDGET-ware System Reports

Link from CU/ALM-ware to CU/BUDGET-ware Yes Yes
Primary Reports    
1 Year Budget Yes  Yes
Strategic Plan (1- to 5-Years)    Yes
Executive Summary  Yes  Yes
Income Statement by Month*  Yes  Yes
Financial Statement by Month*  Yes  Yes
Monthly Diagnostic Reports*
Concentration: % of Assets  Yes  Yes
Concentration: % of Net Worth  Yes  Yes
Yields & Cost Diagnostic  Yes  Yes
Interest Income & Dividend Expense Diagnostic  Yes  Yes
Fee & Other Income Diagnostic  Yes  Yes
Operating Expense & Loan Loss Prov. Diagnostic  Yes  Yes
Non-Operating Income (Expense) Diagnostic  Yes  Yes
Year-End Summary Reports*
Financial Statement Yes  Yes
Yields & Costs Yes  Yes
Interest Income & Div. Exp. Yes  Yes
Fee & Other Income Yes  Yes
Operating Expense & LLP Yes  Yes
Non-Operating Income (Expense) Yes  Yes
Variance Reports  
YTD Rate Volume & Income Variance Yes  Yes
Monthly Rate/Volume & Income Variance Yes  Yes
Monthly Income Variance: Expanded & Summary Yes  Yes
YTD Income Variance: Expanded & Summary Yes  Yes
Financial Statement Variance: Expanded & Summary Yes  Yes
Actual Data Projected to Year-End Yes  Yes
Actual Financial Data Projected to Year-End Yes  Yes
ALM Integration Reports  Yes
Ability to Build & Save Graphs in Excel Yes  Yes
Color or Monochrome Yes  Yes
Line, Bar, or Pie Yes  Yes
Financial Statement & Income Statement Yes  Yes
Budget vs. Actual: Financial & Income Data Yes  Yes
Special Features  
 Multi-Year Budgets (years 2-5)    Yes
Easy to Use Annual Growth & User-Defined Forecasting Models Yes  Yes
Branch & Consolidated Budgets  Yes
Historical Database Time Series Forecasting  Yes
Print to PDF Capabilities Yes  Yes
Training Classes/Registration Form (Optional)
Credit Unions under $50 million in assets $415/participant
Credit Unions between $50 million and $100 million in assets $465/participant
Credit Unions over $100 million in assets $515/participant

*Level II: If a multi-year strategic plan is created, these reports will reflect each year of the multi-year budget.