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The CU/BUDGET-ware® System is used by financial institutions to develop a comprehensive balance sheet driven budget and multi-year Strategic Plan. Monthly and year-to-date Actual vs. Budget Income Variance Reports assist managers in evaluating how their actual income, ratios, balance sheet, and performance compares with the budget.

The CU/BUDGET-ware® System is linked with CU/ALM-ware but is sold separately since some people may only need an ALM or a budgeting package but not necessarily both. If the CU/ALM-ware and CU/BUDGET-ware Systems are purchased simultaneously the institution receives a 10% discount off the cost of each System.

Click here to download a demo of CU/BUDGET-ware Version 6.22 Level 2.  Contact our office to obtain the activation code for the Budget Demo.

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Budgeting is one of the most critical aspects of financial management. The budget represents a "battle plan" for the coming year or budget period. But a primary benefit of budgeting is also the thought process that underlies its development. Management teams must think about where they are, where they are going, and how they are going to get there. CU/BUDGET-ware was designed to facilitate this process and enable the user to create a detailed budget in a few hours.


Level I focuses on the forecasted financial statement, income statement and budget versus actual variance reports for an institution. An annual growth model or a user- defined model for forecasting purposes may be selected in Level I. The effects of the number of days in each month are automatically taken into account.

Level I users can upgrade to Level II at anytime in the future without disrupting their budget or variance reports. Brick & Associates can simply email a few files that will allow the user to begin using the Strategic Planning and other Level II features. 


The Advanced Level II CU/BUDGET-ware System contains three additional capabilities. First, Strategic Planning allows for a multi-period budget to extend out to five-years. Second, Branch Budgeting is available for up to 50 branches. Consolidated Budget Reports will show the results of individual Branches combined. Automatic forecasting is available via the Box-Jenkins Time Series approach. This approach produces forecasts using the most advanced technique available for analyzing a time series database.


The software’s design allows considerable flexibility in structuring the overall chart of accounts. Excluding totals there are 103 line items on the balance sheet and the user has the flexibility to modify most of the titles. On the Fee Income chart of accounts there are 44 line items. On the Operating Expenses chart of accounts there are 197 line items of which 185 can be edited by the user. The System has a fixed format to all the data entry windows, but allows the user to edit all rows within all sections. The budget reports are comprehensive and yet not overwhelming. This combination of a fixed and variable format provides a high degree of flexibility and eases the budgeting process.



  • Windows 7 & Higher Operating System
  • System may run locally or on a shared network drive
  • System does not support concurrent access by multiple users