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Suite of Model Policies

Our firm has been providing model polices to our ALM clients since 1990.  Updates to our model policies are included in our on-going ALM Consulting relationships.  Below is a list of the model policies that are available to our clients.

  • Concentration Risk Policy (CRP) & Concentration Risk Reporting Document (All FICUs are required to have a CRP)
  • Basic ALM/IRR Policy
  • Advanced ALM/IRR Policy
  • Two Model Investment Policies
  • Liquidity Policy & Liquidity Guidelines Reporting Document
  • Contingency Funding Plan (CFP) (All FICUs with assets of $50M or greater are required by the "Liquidity Rule" to have a Contingency Funding Plan.  It is considered a best practice for FICUs under $50M in assets to have such a plan.)

Non-clients can contact our firm for a quote to purchase an individual model policy or the entire Suite of Model Policies which the credit union can then tailor to meet their specific needs.