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ALM Outsourcing

For managers who are short-staffed or whose institutions are going through a transitional period, running ALM reports can be time-consuming. An ALM Outsourcing Relationship with Brick & Associates’ leaves management the time to focus on other managerial activities, such as serving the members. This ALM Consulting relationship allows management and the ALCO to take advantage of expert assistance in managing the balance sheet without purchasing or running software.

Reports Provided Quarterly or Semi-Annually or Annually

ALM Reports
Current Liquidity Report
ALM Executive Summary
Shocked Liquidity Report
 NCUA  NEV Supervisory Test
ALM Assumptions
Shocked VR Investments by Maturity
Non-Maturity Share (NMS) Premium Report
Shocked Member Certificates by Maturity
 ALM Terminology & Definition Report
4 Contingency Funding Stress Tests
Shocked Borrowed Funds Distribution
Financial Statement
3-year Income Sim.- No Rate Change
FR Investments by Maturity/Call Distribution
NMS Decay Rate Table, if applicable
Shocked FR Investments by Maturity/Call Distribution
VR Investments by Maturity
Key Ratios
Member Certificates Maturity Distribution
Historical Key Ratios
Borrowed Funds by Maturity/Call Report
Peer Group Comparison
Current Market Value (NEV) Report
Key Ratios Graphs
Shocked Market Value (NEV) Report
5-Year Income Simulation Report
Schedule A Diagnostic Report
Average Life/Prepayment/Yield Report

Services Included in Outsourcing Fee

  • Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual ALM and Historical Key Ratios Reports
  • Model Concentration Risk Policy (CRP) & updates (All FICUs are required to have a CRP) 
  • Basic Model ALM/IRR Policy & updates 
  • Advanced Model ALM/IRR Policy & updates
  • Two Investments Policies & updates
  • Model Liquidity Policy, Liquidity Guidelines Reporting Document & updates
  • Model Contingency Funding Plan & updates (FICUs $50M and over are required to have a CFP) 
  • Target Rate Structure with Economic Commentary after most Fed meetings
  • ALM Backtesting Procedures and assistance with backtesting exercises
  • ALM Papers as written
  • ALM Memos as written
  • Key Economic Graphs updated quarterly on our website
  • Sample ALCO Minutes and agenda
  • Assistance interpreting Interest Rate Risk profile as needed
  • Assistance with ALM Regulatory issues as needed
  • Credit Card Profitability Model with instructions
  • ALM Terminology, Acronyms and Definitions
  • Assistance with an internal NMS study
  • Quarterly Peer Group Data
  • ALCO Discussion Checklist & Record
  • Mortgage Loan Origination Graph
  • Monthly MBS (passthrough) Prepayment Data
  • Assistance with modeling bahavioral assumptions
  • Historical Interest Rate Changes
  • Top 30 ALM FAQs & Answers
  • Assistance with Ramp Tests vs Immediate Shocks
  • Deposit pricing recommendations
  • Chapters explaining Shock Testing, Income Simulation, NEV and Market Value concepts, and Historical Key Ratios
  • Access to Secured Client area of  

Optional Education Opportunities

  • Invitations to Strategic ALM Conferences (750 clients attend annually for a separate fee)
  • Training Sessions (225 clients attend annually for a separate fee)

The outsourcing fee depends on the credit unions asset size, complexity, and frequency of reports. An initial set-up fee may apply. Contact Brick & Associates for a quote (800) 332-8188.