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ALM Consulting

We provide consulting and support to institutions ranging from $3 million to $6 billion in assets. As part of this consulting we assist clients in developing, testing, and implementing various risk reducing, income enhancing strategies.  Please contact our office at (800) 332-8188 or for current pricing.

The following is a list of what clients currently receive with the CU/ALM-ware Consulting/Maintenance Option:

  • Model Concentration Risk Policy (CRP) & updates--All FICUs are required to have a CRP
  • Basic Model ALM/IRR Policy & updates
  • Advanced Model ALM/IRR Policy & updates
  • Two Model Investment Policies & updates
  • Model Liquidity Policy, Liquidity Guidelines Reporting Document & updates
  • Model Contingency Funding Plan (CFP) & updates (FICUs $50M and over are required to have a CFP)
  • New Versions of the CU/ALM-ware System
  • Periodic Target Rate Structure with Economic Commentary
  • ALM Papers as written    
  • ALM Memos as written
  • Key Economic Graphs updated quarterly on our website
  • Sample ALCO Minutes and agenda
  • Assistance interpreting Interest Rate Risk profile as needed
  • Assistance with ALM Regulatory issues as needed
  • Assistance creating what-if analyses
  • Assistance with an internal NMS Study
  • Assistance with backtesting exercises & interpreting results
  • Monthly Investment Current Market Rate table
  • Direct vs Indirect Auto Loan Analysis Model
  • Model for computing the yield effects on indirect lending
  • Credit Card Profitability Model with Instructions
  • Updated CU/ALM-ware Audit Letter as major new versions are released  
  • ALM Terminology, Acronyms and Definitions
  • Quarterly Peer Group Data
  • ALCO Discussion Checklist & Record
  • Mortgage Loan Origination Graph
  • Monthly MBS (passthrough) Prepayment Data
  • Assistance with modeling behavioral assumptions   
  • Historical Interest Rate Changes
  • Top 30 ALM FAQs & Answers
  • Assistance with Ramp Tests vs Immediate Shocks
  • Deposit pricing recommendations
  • Updates to CU/ALM-ware Documentation
  • Technical Software Support via the Telephone
  • Invitations to Strategic ALM Conferences (750 attendees annually for a separate fee)
  • Invitations to Periodic Basic and Advanced ALM Training and Budgeting Training Sessions (225 attendees annually for a separate fee)
  • Access to Secured Client Area of